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☆ OK WE CAN! ☆
Welcome! 情景!This is the music rotation home of four fangirls: among_the_lost, heechul, lille_bean and suxing. We will upload whatever strikes our fancy at that moment, most likely varying between Chinese, Korean, Japanese, British & American, pop & rock tunes.
♪ Rules & Regulations ♪
oo1. Comments = ♥ So be sure to thank the uploader for taking the time to gift you with those lovely songs you've just aquired.
oo2. Online downloading policy reminds you to please delete after 24 hours, so yes "please follow the rules" ^^v If you like the music support the artists & buy their CD.
oo3. Adding this community is not required, but very much appreciated =) & who knows we may have some special surprises in store for members ^-~
oo4. A pop idol does something HIDEOUS to his hair every time you maim the English language. Please keep that in mind and refrain from the "oMgz fAnkZ sOOooO mUCh 4 TeH Muzak."
oo5. Play nice. We all have busy lives & certainly don't have to the time or the patience to moderate a a silly lj-war.
☆ FAQ ☆
Q. Why "musicwizme"?
A. "musicwizme" comes from the phrase "share me music wiz me?" that Donghae of Super Junior said to Kim Kibum of Super Junior, during episode 7 of Super Junior FullHouse. It was born of a cracked conversation between three of the mods because a certain somebody was clueless to Donghae's other classic phrase, "Ok we can!"
Q. Can we request artists?
A. Depends on each individual uploader and our moods at the time of the request. You may make friendly suggestions, perhaps if we upload Ayumi Hamasaki you could kindly & respectfully comment that Namie Amuro is a similar artist and we might take that into consideration when we're plotting our next upload =)
Q. I have a question that isn't answered; how do I get it answered?
A. Leave a respectful comment with your question here & we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
☆ Affiliates ☆
kihae_love utamix supajunia heechulpetals
☆ Uploaders ☆
among_the_lost Sarah
heechul Sophia
lille_bean Lille
suxing Louise
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