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08 July 2007 @ 04:29 pm
7 songs for the month of 7 in the year of 7.  
Hillo ♥ So I'm Lille, the resident wannabe-fob twinkie =) (ie. whitewashed Chinese who wishes she was more Asian-y); as such my playlist usually consists of an odd mixmash of Chinese & English song and a Japanese or Korean tune thrown in here and there. My preference usually lies in addictive pop tunes & I covert duets and remixes madly ♥.

All my songs are uploaded onto zshare so you can preview the song before downloading and zshare seems to last pretty long (yay ♥). Albums however are uploaded onto sendfile or savefile. I hate megaupload so dont expect anything from there unless its a REALLY big file.

The way I'm setting my part up is: every Sunday I will upload 7 songs from 7 different artists; or at least 7 different albums. For members: you will get a poll on Mondays in which you can vote for top 5 albums you want me to upload throughout the week. (As in I give you 7 options, and votes determine the top 5, which I will upload one per day)

Anyways. Nuff talk. ONTO THE MUSIC ♥ Happy listening~

1.Lian Ai Da Ren – Alan (Show) Luo ft. Xiao S.
One of the few Chinese songs that I can actually sing almost every word too! The song is upbeat and catchy, but the words are not sung too fast (except for the cute little rap in the middle but even that is management if you listen to it a lot….which I do ^^) so the lyrics are pretty easy to learn and sing along to and trust me, you’ll enjoy singing along. And the random English is actually like almost entirely grammatically correct!!! Which means no bling bling bonging but Show’s voice <3 it just flows so gorgeous over you. The lyrics are also pretty cute; from what I understand it seems to be about a girl and guy who like each other but bicker and try to con each other into saying they like the other one first, sort of cat and mouse game. The girl also gets to call Show a pig hahahaha.

2.Zhen Ming Tian Zhi – Alan (Show) Luo ft. Jolin Tsai
Otherwise known as the “Shake it” song. Its got an addictive dance beat and I don’t know about you but I just flail with love every time Show tells me to shake it. *GUH* And there’s enough English in the song that you can totally pretend to know what’s going on. And the music video is awesome if nothing else for their dance moves; once you’ve seen it, you’ll want to copy it and shake it too. Now if only I could find a guy to be my Show…

3.爱的主旋律- Xiao Gui & Genie Zhou
A very pretty ballad, the melody just floats over you and the temptation to hold up your cell phone and sway to the music is almost overpowering. Genie’s voice is so lilting, and soft and Xiao Gui is a perfect accompaniment. Not too deep or loud and it compliments rather than overpowers the female voice.

4.只對你有感覺(Remix) – Fahrenheit ft. Hebe (from S.H.E)
“I only have eyes for you,” is probably one of the most popular songs from new Chinese boy band Fahrenheit, featuring the ever beautiful always demure Hebe from the, hands down most popular, girl group from Taiwan S.H.E. The techno-ish beat is catchy and upbeat and ridiculously cute and before you know it you’ll be singing along- or rather, attempting to sing along or just make up random words that kinda sound like what they’re saying because man the song goes fast! It’s the sort of song I have the ridiculous urge to jump up and down too and never fails to put me in a good (and hyper) mood.

5.Wannabe – Spice Girls
I figured what with their reunion concert, my very first post on my very first music rotation blog should be the very first Spice Girl song, the song that started the entire craze, and my love for music, and besides, what defines addictive pop and the good old days better than Spice Girls?! Come on guys, who didn’t want to be a spice girl?! & I remember when everybody knew the lyrics and dance to this song. Heck, I remember performing it at my elementary school talent show! Ps. I was Posh Spice =) lol.

6.One in a Million – Hannah Montana
Yes I know I am making you listen tween pop. But dangit I really like Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus!!! *dodgesbricks* Hear me out! She’s only 14, has two seasons of a hit TV show under her belt, an European tour and several albums under her belt. You got to admire having done all that at such a young age. So talented, so driven, and has got such an adorable personality. Why was I not that amazing at 14?!!! The opening of the song is absolutely gorgeous. I was hooked the second she started singing. I love the piano opening and her voice has got this sweet yet throaty quality. And you all know you want that sort of romance she’s singing about.

7. Kids in America (Remix) – Cascada
I first heard this song way back in the day, elementary or early middle school would be my guess. The song was on the Digimon Soundtrack and boy do I ever love Digimon <3 & when I saw Cascada did a remix of it and I flailed a lot. Like a crazy lot. This song makes me nostalgic for my childhood- or rather my preteen hood <3 (Why yes I would like to go back to being 12 forever why do you ask =D)
catnip1613catnip1613 on July 9th, 2007 02:02 am (UTC)
Thank you! taking 1 and 2. Oh, I found the MV for 2 and I never could figure out who was singing it. Thanks for finally answering my question. :D
ニセールnis_chan on July 9th, 2007 06:53 am (UTC)
Hannah Montana is my idol =)

Taking #4, thanks
soaring the skieshwaiting_yg on July 9th, 2007 11:36 am (UTC)
Taking 2!

Thanks~! :D